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How to get into Google News

Ginny Deering

June,05 2020 12:52 (PM)

Earlier, we spoke about Google News as an excellent, underused SEO strategy. News is no more appropriate topic than today, as almost everyone is drawn to any information on the Japan earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. While users search, they just might find you, too. Google news is highly accessible by traditional viewers, iPad viewers and mobile phone viewers. Anything that appears newsworthy gets visibility. Below is a quick overview of what it takes to get into Google news. Original Content – You are an expert about your product or service. You probably have new techniques, insights or services to introduce. Make sure all written material is your own. Include Several Bylines – Get collaborators to weigh in. A team of contributors will bear more weight with Google. Getting customers to submit comments lends instant credibility. Give Credit Where Credit is Due – If your ideas or services were inspired by someone else, attribute them as a source. By the way, this post was inspired Yasir Khan, who also loves to write about Google News.