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Keys to Keywords

Ginny Deering

June,05 2020 1:05 (PM)

In our last blog we touched on how Google's new algorithm will reward quality content. We also mentioned how important keyword depth is, within that content. In this post we'll define keyword depth or density - and offer some tips on supporting your content with SEO best practices.

Keyword depth refers to the frequency these words appear within your Website content. Below are three ways you can support your strategically-chosen keywords.


1. Whatever you business, your carefully chosen keywords are the foundation of your SEO strategy. A great resource for well-chosen keywords is Google's Adwords Help. Use this site to search for terms close to your keywords that have high pay per click prices. Those words are costlier because they attract more eyeballs. This is a great source for relevant topics in your web content. As always, make sure your prose is well written, interesting and current.


2. Focus on efficiencies within your Website. Make it easy for the search engines to find your keywords by maintaining their presence in your global navigation, local navigation and the footer. This strategy exposes your keywords to the greatest point of consumer engagement. It is also a strategy you can easily control.


3. Focused link-building not only supports better search results, but it enhances the credibility of your content - but beware! Low-quality link building will bury you in this new environment of quality content. Steer clear of linking to sites that are loaded with ads.