Tommy Deering
Tommy Deering
Tommy Deering initial sketch


Working site - This site has two goals: to inform the public about Tommy Deering's history and to sell music.


I created a flexible layout on a 960 grid system. For this site, I used a vertical global navigation, as I intend to convert it to Wordpress in the near future. The home page is copy-rich, including news, which increases SERP ranking. About half the links are cross-linked. The about page is a video, which also aids in SERP ranking. Tommy's 5 albums, which are also available on iTunes and most other digital outlets are available for sale through the site, which gives the artist a larger share of the sales. I set Tommy up with a Facebook page and a Twitter account, although he feels much more comfortable micro-blogging.


Music sales have increased by about 10%, and visits are up over 200% to date.